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Brough Superior 8 Cylinder DHC

CXB 199                          The following article was written by the current owner Richard Barnard. First registered 9th April 1936 based in the UK owned by Richard Barnard. This car had been owned by the Rev Morgan Derham, and as with BYN 486 he removed the 8 cylinder engine and fitted a 6. The Rev Morgan Derham had sold the car to a student in Bristol who broke down in Croydon about a year later. The Student thought from the ghastly noises that the crankshaft was broken, and as the car was in a generally poor state of repair and he was skint and far from home, he offered it for scrap to the ROC spares man Clive Hughes. Clive thought it a shame and offered it to me. I was however skint having just graduated and was as yet unemployed. After some pressure I offered a laughable £5 for it and settled at £6.50. I stripped the engine and found that all that had happened was that the timing gear had shed a tooth, which meant that as the crankshaft rotated, one corner just clouted one on the cams. No significant damage had been done, so I replaced the timing gear with an old spare one from club stock. The engine ran beautifully and as it was a good postwar one with twin choke carb, I decided to sell it and put an eight back in. I got £40 for the engine! so was well in pocket. It had to rest up for a couple of years for my finances to stabilise, and then it took me about two years of weekends (what a waste of ones youth!) to get it back into reasonably presentable state with all the mechanical parts overhauled. The eight was also a late model with a twin choke, and i skimmed the head fairly generously before refitting. It went like a rocket! However, it also smoked a bit, so i decided to repalce it with another eight of the correct vintage, and found that one in the club stock, though in need of a rebuild, had never been re-bored before. I was almost given a large stock of original Hudson engine components valves, guides etc which our local re-bore company (owned by an enthusiast) had found in his old stock. He sold them to me at the listed (pre war) price. It took many more years of odd bursts of activity to get the whole car to a presentable condition whereupon it won the club restoration prize. I am proud of the fact that all the work apart from the seat trimming and re-boring was done by myself. This included making a new hood and the running boards, and a major sheet metal work on the front wing, a skill I had usefully learned as an undergraduate apprentice in the old Handley-Page aircraft company. The person looking after me in the first year was the most skilled tin-basher in the company.
CXB 199 info provided by the Richard Barnard 8 Cylinder 4168cc DHC Brough Superior