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Brough Superior  8 Cylinder DHC

SP 111                                               The article was written by the owner Ray Redding First registered 1935 based in Australia and owned by Ray Redding. Probably the only one in the Southern Hemisphere.
SP 111 8 Cylinder 4168cc DHC Brough Superior
The car is a 1935 model Brough Superior 8 cylinder which currently resides at my Sydney address and is in the process of restoration. The car was originally brought into Australia by a doctor in the early fifties. Not long after this it was sold to a family friend in the country. My father purchased the car and has been in the family ever since. As soon as I got my licence I would use the car to travel to/from my workplace (Qantas Airways at Mascot). Unfortunately the car suffered wood rot to the ash frame, especially at the door supports, and it became necessary to take the car off the road for a complete restoration.  A complete new wood frame was fabricated and the aluminium body reattached. All front and rear suspension components were overhauled and reassembled.  As a Hudson enthusiast I was already a member of the Sydney based Hudson Car Club and when overhauling the engine and gearbox the club provided advice and parts that was necessary to complete the project. The upholstery front/rear seats and doors have been recovered in leather and the door and dash wood veneer trims all recovered in burr-walnut. I strive to keep most body parts original but there have been some items I just haven't been able to locate.  Once the engine was refitted and running I then took on the task of doing a complete wiring job but without a wiring diagram. Does one exist for a 1935 BS?. I figured that most cars of that era was similar and with the aid of a 1938 Riley wiring diagram I drew up my own but to suite the Brough. Purchased the necessary 'cotton braided' wire and proceeded to put a wiring loom together. With a new Lucas regulator and fuse box in place and wiring connected I checked and operated all engine/accessory functions and they all worked OK. The only major modification to the car was the fitment of hydraulic brakes in lieu of mechanical.  Whilst there are those that will say this was not the correct way to go I am of the opinion that this is a safety issue particularly with traffic in the Sydney area. As a member of the Railton Owners Club I always look forward to reading the next publication that include stories or technical write-ups on the BS. I also thought it important to have the car registered and recognised in a formal register as with the ROC in the UK. Once the bodywork is completed a new hood will be fitted and then ready for a road test. It has taken a little longer than I first thought but I look forward to the day when I can take the car to a club outing.